Community Atlas

We need your help!

If you consume, create, design, produce, teach with, advocate for, and/or research tactile media, please help us populate the Tactile Media Alliance Atlas! Please fill out the Community Survey (here). 

We are in the process of creating the Tactile Media Alliance Atlas. The Atlas will be a resource for you and other TMA members to learn where other people engage in tactile media practices, and a little bit about their work. Our hope is that this resources will also open up new collaborations and professional opportunities. In time, you will be able to search specific fields to learn about people’s: A) Role in Tactile Media Use/ Design/ Production; B) Educational Background; C) Tactile Media Preferences; D) Professional Practices; E) Influences; and F) Favorite Design Resources.

Atlas Layers

(Click  on the upper left corner of the map to view the different layers on the map; see below for links to the spreadsheets).

  1. TMA Community Survey Respondents (updated 04.25.19, by Abigale Stangl)

Other Resources

  1. USA-based NLS Library Locations (Source:, retrieved 11.21.2018)
  2. USA-based TVI Teacher Training Program Locations (Source: ,retrieved 11.21.2018)
  3. USA-based Early Intervention Schools/Services for the Blind Locations (Source:, retrieved 11.21.2018
  4. USA-based K-12 Schools for the Blind Locations (Source: ,retrieved 11.21.2018)
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